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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Munaivar r.kannan avargaladhu noolkal*

*Munaivar r.kannan avargaladhu noolkal*

01. Manual of the Numismatic Gallery in the Government Museum, Chennai.
Size 7 MB

02. Bulletin of the Government Museum, Chennai. Monograph on Rock Art and Cave Art
Size 7 MB

03. Government Museum, Chennai. Souvenir to Commemorate the Completion of One Hundred and Fifty one Years
Size 15 MB

04.Documentation on the Cannons in the Government Museum, Chennai
Size 1 MB

05.Bulletin of the Chennai, Government Museum. Iconography of the Jain images in the Districts of Tamilnadu
Size 7 MB

06. A Guide to The Exposition on the Progress of Industries and Handicrafts of Tamilnadu, Government Museum, Chennai.
Size 15 MB

07. Manual on Conservation and Restoration of Monuments
Size 21 MB

08. Manual on the Holographic Gallery in the Government Museum, Chennai.
Size 8 MB

09.Proceedings of the National Seminar on Present Trends in Museology
Size 26 MB

10. Script of Son Et Lumiere (Sound and Light Show) of the rock art and Cave Art Gallery of the Government Museum, Chennai.
Size 2.5 MB

11.paarai ooviyam mattrum  kugaikalai kaatchi amaippu  patriya oli, oli urai arasu arunkaatchiyagam, chennai.
Size 2.5 MB

12. Script of the Commentary on the Touch Screen Video Clips on Some Rock Art and Cave Art sites in Tamilnadu
Size 900 kB

13. Proceedings of the Seminar on Our Role in The Protection of Cultural Heritage
Size 17 MB

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