S. Navaraj Chellaiya (( 1937-2001) pdf

He was credited as a University Professor because he wrote and published over two hundred books in sports, physiology, story, poem and various topics.
He has won three National Awards for Best Books written by him. For a period of 25 years, the monthly journal of the sports repository has been conducted to encourage the world's people to cultivate body art.
The Art Dictionary in the Sport Industry is a reputation for his literary work. The game is a collection of poems that describe his poetry.
Sanchu Kalshrala Academy was the founder of the organization to train music, dance and music. The experience of YMCA, Research and Professor at the College of Physical Education, boasted a new text to Thirukkural.
For the first time in 1987, we created the audio recording of the game compositions for exercise.

GK in Sports and Games

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 oru nooru siru  games
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Physical fitness and Health

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Training Course in India

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thekththai therinthu kolvoom

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Vilaiyattu ulkam

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Vilaiyattu suvaiyaana anupavangkal
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 vilaiyaattu aaththisoodi

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koodi vilaiyaatum kulu vilaiyaattu

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vilaiyaattu vithikal

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