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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Arasiyal palaku

TAMIL books free downloadIt's a rare chance. During the election, the opportunity to go to town and discuss with students. First of all, the 'Hindu' in the four major towns of Tamilnadu integrated concerted events; Next, eight programs were conducted in conjunction with the Election Commission of India. At every place, at least five students from around the city were able to meet the students. This was a discussion of nearly 25,000 students from all sides with medical students, engineering students, academic students, historic students, art literature students, fine students and science students without the distinction of towns and villages.

This Tamil Nadu election, which is historically and internationally, has a distinction. One in four of the voters is a new generation. How are their moods What about today's politics, political parties and political leaders? The answers received at these meetings are surprising and insulting.

The majority of students said, "Today's politics is a sewer. Today's politicians are rubbish. Politics and jokes have nothing to do with. "The luxury, arrogance and patriotism of today's politicians have created disgust among them. If you ask what alternative is, the whole voice says "young people are alternatives." If you ask, "How many of you are politically engaged?", There is heavy silence. At the meeting, if someone pronounces the name of the Kamaraj, the applause flips. Many of the cameras are mentioned as an example of a good firsthand. At the same time, there is no information about Kamarajar too

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