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Friday, 14 December 2018


Need added secrecy for your WhatsApp, Hike, Facebook, Instagram or any other messages?
Have you ever wanted to send highly secure text messages to someone?
Had the need to send encrypted emails?
Have you ever wanted to say something to only certain members of a chat group without anyone else reading your message for them?

Well then, WhatsCrypt does exactly all of these things.

While current encryption standards follow 256-bit encryption, WhatsCrypt is based on RSAA, a newly developed 1024-bit Symmetric Key Encryption Algorithm.

How to use?
1. Choose a Key (Password) and keep it to yourself and send it to the People you want to send Encrypted Messages.
2. Type your Message and use your Key in WhatsCrypt to Encrypt the Message and Send it via WhatsApp, Hike, Gmail or any other Messaging app.
3. The recipient copies the jumbled message and uses the same Key and Decrypt it via WhatsCrypt.

 Floating Widget to Encrypt & Decrypt Messages without switching between Apps
Tutorial to use the App
1024-bit Symmetric Key Encryption
No Key Length Restrictions
Computationally impossible to Brute Force or Break

* Keep your key a secret and use different keys with different people.
* Share Keys securely.
* The App doesn't store any of your passwords (keys).

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