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Sunday, 27 January 2019

Android all secret code

Scan your android device and unlock hidden features, info, codes and hacks, you didn't know before.
Now it's not necessary to remember all those codes. With Mobile Secret Codes you can execute them directly with one finger tap!
The simplest is to directly enter them in the dialer app.
Access all mobile secret menu, hidden codes or menu easily, just tap! Discover hidden functionalities and enjoy! And have fun!
This App will help to find out the USSD Codes for All Mobile operators in all country.

field mode, general test mode, IMEI number, check call forwarding, SMS message center, activate call waiting, Quick test menu,
Get easily your device information with Mobile Secret Codes:
Operating system information (builds release, finger print, build Id...etc.);
Screen information (height pixels, width pixels);
Drawable information (icon original height and width)
Device information (brand, manufacturer, model...etc.)
Density information

Get easily Test device information with Mobile Secret Codes :
Vibration, Flashlight, Sensor, Battery, Bluetooth, Wifi, Brightness.
Mobile Secret Codes: List all secret codes (Hidden Menu) on your device.
Firmware: Browse for the stock firmware’s available online, for your phone and for any other mobile model.
Available manufacturers: Samsung, Sony, Oppo, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Apple and other
Main Features: Displays the following information about your phone.

▪ General Info:
 Manufacturer / Brand
 Phone Model
 Device Type
Product Name
 Country of Origin
 Manufacturing Date
 Knox Warranty Void
 Color / Internal Storage

Product Code
Original CSC Code
Firmware's CSC Code
Active CSC Code
Avalables CSC Codes
CSC Country
Mobile Operator

 Bootloader Version
 PDA Version
CSC Version
Baseband Version
Latest Firmware
Kernel Version / Architecture (32/64-bit)
Java Virtual Machine (Dalvik or ART)

Root Existence
Android Version
Build Number
Build Fingerprint
Build Description
Build Date
Change list

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