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Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Photo Analyzer APK

Photo Analyzer APK is a smart image analysis toolbox with a lot of features. All the tools in this app are based on advanced computer vision technology, which analyze the images without human interventions.

You can choose an image from photo gallery or capture one with your camera to start the analysis. Features includes:

1. Text extraction and recognition from photo (OCR). 
All the words in an image can be extracted as plain texts. If the language in the image is not your default language for the device, you can directly translate the text into your own language within the app.

2. Reverse Image Search. 
Perform reverse image search to verify the source of images. Web pages with the matching image will be displayed in the result.

3. Detect and Recognize celebrity / movie scene / TV show
With a movie scene in front of you, have you ever wondered what movie it is, or who is the director of the movie? Do you wanna search for a celebrity in a photo that you don't know? If so, just choose or capture an image to find out using this feature.

4. Logo & landmark detection
Detect and recognize logo and landmarks in an image.

5. Barcode / QR Code scanner.
Detect and scan all major formats of barcodes and QR codes.

6. Photo Description
Interpret the content and components in a photo, and then provide keywords description of the


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