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Monday, 11 February 2019

Top 3 Apps

Super Ear Tool increases your hearing by amplifying mic sound, a superhero app!

Super Ear Tool is an app that improves your hearing ability to hear audible sounds more clear and loud directly into your ears. All you have to do is headphones to your ear and click the button with ear symbol. You can put the device closer to the person or audio source you want to listen louder while putting the headphones in your ear. This app turns you from a normal person to give you feelings of a super hero!

You can listen to this application. Even if you want to hear something from a relatively large distance you can use BLUETOOTH headphones or earpiece and place the device safely near the talk of audio or audio source. This app can turn your device into a powerful listening device and turn your normal ear into a miracle ear anyone want to have.


3D Surround 7.1 System

Feel Any Song in Virtual 3D Surround 7.1 System

The True 3D Surround 7.1 MusicPlayer For Exceptional Sound Effects and Clarity

Install The App
Connect The Headphone (Wired or Wireless)
Feel The True 3D Surround 7.1 Sound


Mstudio - Play, Cut, Merge, Mix, Record, Extract, Convert, Mute, Omit, Shift Pitch-tempo

Mstudio is the most advanced & amazing Music Editor! Mp3 Cutter, Mp3 Player, Mp3 Mixer, Mp3 Extractor, Change Tempo, Change Pitch, Mp3 Converter, Mp3 Mutter, Mp3 Omitter, Mp3 Splitter.Its a music center which has all the features which you want in single application.

Mp3 Cutter for making Ringtone, Mp3 Mixer for mixing two audio tracks, Mp3 Merger for joining the endless audio tracks, Record audio with lots of sample rates and encoding variation, Convert format and bit- rate of your music files.

Mp3 Player: Easily browse and play music songs by songs, albums, artists and folder. Music & Mp3 Player lets you manage all your music files more easily. Mp3 player has multiple now playing UI styles, Gestures for track switching and many more features which you want in your music player.

Mp3 Cutter: Cut the best part from music tracks and create some of my favorite tones. you can use it for your Mobile Default Ringtone, Notification and Alarm Tone. Mp3 Cutter includes Waveform of music tracks, Start & End Points of Track, Duration of new creation, 3 level zooming function makes makes Mp3 Cutter to handle smoothly.


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