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Saturday, 2 March 2019 - My Video Stage Maker is the best application for video song with your photo and video. In 1 minute you can create a 30 second video position.

This is an animated video standing making application that can create many beautiful and attractive animation effects on your video. My Video Stander Maker is a new video for you to have a song video of your own beautiful photos. contains great songs in the song library, selecting your favorite video and creating a love song in 1 minute
It is a growing area now, and people want to share that video on social networks.

❤ include your favorite part of the computer, rain, heart, rose leaf fall, flying bubble,
❤ easy and user friendly UI to use.
❤ Many beautiful and attractive effects on video.
❤ Very easy to use: download the video song, add your photo, fix the photo, and hold it using the hold.
❤ Select a song you like from collecting songs.
❤ The app has a large library of video songs
❤ You can apply different type of text, text color, text size and text type.
❤ Add a sticker with videos: love sticker, pair sticker, heart sticker and many more.
❤ Create your videos in your video's standalone music video.
❤ Powerful Video Video Maker.
❤ Support for all Android devices.
❤ favorite song lyrics from the collections of songs, to choose your favorite songs and lyrics as literature.

❤ Share your video status on social media.
❤ Video songs are available in the shortest possible level.