gesture magic

Open applications, control settings, make new call, sms, chatting with gesture

Gesture Magic is very useful app. You can quick access all application, setting for devices, make a call send an SMS or chat only by draw your gesture on this application
• Launch apps
• Make calls
• Send SMS
• Open websites in your browser
• Change system settings
• Lock screen


Your privacy is very important to us, we understand this application and we ensure this application is not a user information to share third party. Below are the details permissions we used in the application.
This app uses the Device Administrator permission.
* BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN Request admin device permission to support lock screen.
* WRITE_SETTINGS Reduce screen timeout and show digital clock support unlock by fingerprint after screen lock

Urgent Notes:
In case Gesture Drawer does not appear. Please try again or again to turn on Gesture service again.
We Sorry for this inconvenience. Download