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Thursday, 11 April 2019

Open whatsapp chat

Open a WhatsApp chat with any number (you and that number).

Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by WhatsApp Inc.
Previous name: "Open in WhatsApp (click to chat)", changed to comply with WhatsApp guidelines.

'What is this app used for?' The answer is often misunderstood: you can open a chat on the official WhatsApp app (or Business) with another user if you know their number. This app replaces the method of saving the number into contacts. This will not allow you to 'spy other conversations', 'contact with numbers without WhatsApp', 'hide your number' or other crazy things. This is the same as on an unknown number on a group, creating manually the url link or saving the contact.

'Why should I use this instead of others?' You are free to choose of course! This app only has the 'open in WhatsApp' feature and improvements, but for this reason the app is very simple and so I made it without ads, as small a possible, and free; just help others use this feature that WhatsApp has (note that I'm not affiliated with WhatsApp Inc). Since I published it the popularity increased as unexpected (thanks!) And other apps with the same functionality (some even blatant copies without my permission) have populated the store. You can use whichever you prefer, but this one is only one of the free add-free and the only one without permissions (not internet, not storage, nothing Check it!).

This app uses WhatsApp 'click to chat' feature ( to open a chat with any number (a chat between you and that number).

No contact is created on the device, you do not need to save it on your contacts list. Just open the app, enter the number, and the chat will open (if the number does not exist WhWh will notify it).

Useful on situations like:
Someone called you and you want to contact it via WhatsApp?

- You need to send a message to someone but you do not want to save it?

 You want to start a chat with yourself?

You need to specify the prefix number, even if from your own country (will be kept when reopening the app). You can enter it manually or tap the + button to select a list.
Hidden shortcut: long tap the + button to sort the list by prefix.

Create links:

You can create an url link that will open WhatsApp on the specified number. This is a WhatsApp feature, you do not need this app to open the link, only to create it.

You can also add a message that will be autocompleted (will NOT be sent, the user must press the send button manually).
If you specify a message but not a number WhatsApp will ask who send it to it (again, will not be sent, only autocompleted).

You can save the link as a quick shortcut, so people can contact you, be a predefined message on a 'share it on whatsapp', etc. Remember, you do not need this app to open the link, it is handled by WhatsApp.
Hidden shortcut: Long tap the 'share' button to quickly clip the clipboard.
When a number is opened it is saved on a recents list, in case you do not remember a number again. If you actively open a number you can create a shortcut on your launcher directly from WhatsApp (from the chat: menu, more, create shortcut).

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