Secure Incoming Call Lock App

Secure Incoming Call Lock AppYou are only one to attend your private incoming calls using this app.

You are only one to attend your private incoming calls using this app. During your absence if you, and someone try to disturb your privacy of your incoming calls such as private name and numbers, then you will not need to worry about privacy "Secure Incoming Calls Lock and Privacy" secure your incoming calls using password or pattern save your privacy and will protect your incoming calls picked by someone else. If you are worried about that someone will see and see your incoming call names and number? Then Secure Incoming Call Lock Privacy that will secure the privacy of your incoming calls.

Mobile owner only able to attend their incoming calls by giving security Pattern or Password or that he, she will set. Using this app nobody will answer your incoming calls except you or unit if he knows about pin password or pattern. You will need to add number manually or can choose from Mobile Phone Contacts list to Saved List so that you will no longer attend your incoming calls but only you will answer incoming calls.

How to Use:
1. Download Secure Incoming Call Lock App from Google Play.
2. Open app and the set lock type and then set password or pattern.
3. To activate lock for all contacts click on "All Contacts".
4. To activate for specific contact click on "Select Contacts" and add number manually or from contact list.
5. Done
If you want to change the theme, select it and click on background button "set on background".

👉 Secure Incoming Calls Privacy.
You can use as Calls Blocker.
👉 You can use as unknown Calls Locker.
👉 Enable / Disable Incoming Call Locker.
👉 Easy to Change Incoming Call Lock Screen.
👉 Draw Pattern to lock, answer incoming Calls.
👉 Enter Password to lock, answer incoming Calls.
👉 You Can Easily Change Password or Pattern.
👉 Adding single or multiples numbers from contacts.
👉 Providing Security to incoming Calls using Password and Pattern.
👉 Protect the privacy of your calls, only one to unlock and attend them and free to use.

In case of any problem. Please contact us and send us an e-mail and review briefly with the problem, we will be very keenly thankful for your interest and positive feedback. Download