Quick access to apps, contacts and information.

Each sidebar can be activated individually and allows direct access to often used content. The sidebars can be opened anytime via a small slider on the side of the screen.

The sidebars run on all devices, rounded corners (like the 'Edge') are not required.

App Sidebar
Provides instant access to all your apps. To find apps faster, the apps can be organized in groups, on which can be navigated in the sidebar. Single tap an app to start it, double tap to open detailed app informations.

Contact Sidebar
Have your contacts always available. Toggle between all contacts and favorite contacts. Click on a contact to open contact details, double click to start a direct dial.

Info Sidebar
Add small widgets to the sidebar and have them always available. There are different widgets displaying different information, e.g. a calender agenda, a call log, photos & images and more. Customize the info sidebar according to your needs.