Tak Zang (Miss Call Boomber) Apk Free Download

Tak Zang (Miss Call Boomber) Apk Free Download
Missed Call Duration is an invoice of your missed calls.
Do you ever wonder about how long your phone was ringing when you missed a call?
Or does someone call you only for a few seconds and then hang up? Then this app may be useful to you.
Now you can know who gave you only a missed call OR a long ring duration could mean an emergency call you missed.
When you get a missed call, this app will keep track of the time and duration.
It can also send you a notification if you want.


* Direct Calling - You can call any contact from within the app.

* Delete - Delete any record

* Display Notifications - From this option, you can choose whether to show taskbar notifications or not.

* Log Length - You can decide the maximum number of logs to show at a time.

* Clear Log List - Clears the entire log history

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