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Friday, 3 May 2019

Black screen

The Description of Black Screen of Life
NOTE: If BSoL does not work as expected on your device, please go to the settings and enable Compatibility Mode.
Ever wanted to turn off the screen when you lock the screen?

> This is the app you're looking for <
By turning off the screen you can save huge amounts of battery!

From now on, I'll refer to Black Screen of Life as BSoL.

BSoL is really simple to use:
1. Enable BSoL.
2. Run your app.
3. Block the proximity sensor (you can put it in your pocket, turn it face down on the table, put a piece of paper above the proximity sensor, etc).
4. BAM! Screen is off and your app is running!

When the proximity sensor becomes unblocked, the screen is automatically turned on.

Make sure you are blocking the correct sensor. Some users thought that BSoL did not work because they were blocking the camera or the light sensor. The proximity sensor is usually located near the earpiece.

#nodesignerhere, so the application is a little derpy. But since it will mostly run in the background, even if you do not like it (unlikely: P), you will not be very bothered.

As you may have already noticed, BSoL requires a device with a proximity sensor in order to work.

How people are using BSoL:
Play YouTube with the screen off;
Chromecast to the TV and then turn off the smartphone's screen;
 Listen to TedTalks with the screen off;
Turning off the screen in games with unskippable and repeated content;
Chat in WhatsApp Web version without getting disconnected;
 Simply stop using the lock button at all (though I do not recommend this, as it may be insecure). Download