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Sunday, 26 May 2019

Vyng Video Ringtones, Caller ID & Dialer

Phone calls do not have to be boring! Get video ringtones with every call!

The best phone call app enabling video ringtones with over 2,000,000,000 videos played and 6,000,000+ videos uploaded including music videos, funny videos, whatsapp status videos, song videos, trending videos for downloading, sharing, and setting for friends. Android apps

Phone calls do not need to be boring and generic ! Vyng brings fresh, fun, free video ringtones with every call!

Instead of hearing the same ringtones every time you receive a phone call, Vyng plays SUPER AWESOME videos as your ringtone for every call! You can set a video as your ringtone, pick a channel to get a new video ringtone for every call, ringtones to use your own personal videos to upload, and set your friends for custom ringtones. Or you can just hang out in the app and watch hours of free videos - it's up to you! Oh yeah - it's free Android app

Now you can  download WhatsApp video status or share videos with just a click.

Download unlimited videos and set them as videos status on WhatsApp and Facebook. Share viral, trending, video statuses, and video memes with your friends on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook

Watch your favorite as your free ringtone to get a great video with every call, including pop music video ringtones, Bollywood, Hip Hop, K-Pop, Latin, Punjabi, Cats, Puppies, Trending, Hindi, and many more!

Want to personalize your ringtone further? With My Videos, you can create your own custom video ringtone by uploading videos, curating your favorites from existing Vyng channels (use the + button below any video), or syncing with Snapchat and Instagram.

You can also customize the video ringtones so you get a specific channel or video when the individual friends call you. Set a custom channel, upload your own videos, or ask your friend to choose the video that plays on your phone when they call you with Vyng Bombs!

Free ringtones are awesome, but if you do not want to wait for a phone call to see a awesome video you can browse hundreds of videos across all channels with a single tap. New videos are added every day by our community to make sure that Vyng always has the freshest and most popular videos!

AUDIO: For channels containing quiet or silent videos, your traditional ringtone will also play.
FULLSCREEN: Fullscreen videos work on most phones Android M and above.
OFFLINE: Video ringtones will work even when you are offline! However, for channel content, you need to periodically connect to the Internet to Android app Download

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