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Saturday, 15 June 2019


Browse the web twice as much ☆ free ☆ no-ads ☆ lite ☆

A lite web browser with two tabs in one display. You can have two separate websites open and open simultaneously on the screen. The first tab while reading videos is on the second one, visit your social media account or play online while reading a book or whatever.
Basically, you can browse the web twice as much.

Also you can listen videos & musics in the background while on another website. Just open it and then make the other tab full screen, it will continue playing.
Have fun!


Night Mode
The Night Mode feature, which is included in many social media applications, is also available in the Dual Internet Browser. So your eyes will be less tired and darker environments where light is less. Using this feature depends on your preference.

Translate web pages
You can view foreign sites in English.

Text-only mode (Load no pictures)
You can use the text-only mode if you don't want the images to be loaded automatically. With this feature, you save money when mobile data network is on.

Turn the first tab upside down
One of the most versatile and best features of the application is that it can be used by two people at the same time.

Desktop mode
You can switch to Desktop Mode.

Supported languages:
French (Français)
Spanish (Español)
Portuguese (Português)
Russian (Русский)
Turkish (Türkçe) Download