YouTube for light fullscreen / floating video player. Just 0.2MB! No Ads, Ad-free!

An easy, simple and lightweight video player for playing any YouTube video quickly in Full Screen or Floating window mode. Just browse through the built-in YouTube browser, click to select a video to view and view it immediately in full screen or a small movable window that floats above other apps.

NOTE: The minimized floating window mode is time limited but you can easily unlock it for unlimited play.

The player is ultra light (just 0.2MB) and does not require any device permissions. This is a YouTube video of part of any ads shown except for ad-free (no ads). It supports YouTube playlists as well.

If you intend to use it on a slow 2G, 3G or 4g mobile connection, easily switch to a lower resolution. A low quality setting can also save a lot of bandwidth, when you are more interested in listening to the music / audio.

While it can work standalone, Play Lite is not intended as a replacement or alternative for the Google YouTube app. It just provides a quicker way to play the videos if you don't want to go into the video details and comments. However, it does provide some additional functionality such as float play and loop play over the normal YouTube app. It does not back off the screen with support play. Use the minimized floating window option instead of listening to music or podcasts while multi-task.

All videos are provided by YouTube and the app does not have any content of its own. If you have problems playing any video or need more video details anytime with just one click.

Also checkout iPlayIT, a VR headset through YouTube videos for the top player.