MobileSwitch-Switching is Easy


UiDownload MobileSwitch TODAY to have a hassle-free Wireless Switching Experience.
Switching your mobile phones is now much easier with MOBILESWITCH.With the help of MobileSwitch you can transfer Contacts, Calendar events etc. from old device to a new device with just single tap. Our Software solution provides a safe way to upload, store or download your data to a new phone.

With Mobile Switch, you can transfer:
•Contacts (Mobile, Google)
•Calendar Events (Mobile, Google)
•Call History (Mobile, Google)
•Photos, Videos (Mobile, Google)
•Bookmarks (Mobile, Google)
•Installed Apps and Wallpaper (Mobile, Google)
•Music(Mobile, Google)
Who can Transfer using MobileSwitch?

People changing their devices from

• Android to Android Devices
• IOS to Android Devices
• Android to IOS Devices

How Does MobileSwitch Work? MobileSwitch works in Simple Steps.

From Android to Android Devices:

1. Upload your Contacts, Calendar Events, Call History, Photos, Videos, Bookmarks, Messages, Wallpapers & Installed Apps from OLD device to your Google Drive
2. Restore your entire data to NEW Android device from your Google Drive


From IOS to Android Devices:
1. Sign in to MobileSwitch using iCloud User Id/Password
2. Choose Content to Restore from iCloud to your NEW Android device.

From Android to IOS Devices:
1. Upload your Contacts & Calendar Events from OLD Android devices to your iCloud User ID.
2. Restore your Contacts & Calendar Events from your iCloud to your NEW IOS device.


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