Secure your phoone


Secure your camera, microphone and location best anti hack and anti spyware tool
1. Some parts of changing the UI
2. Change app icon
3. The adding camera and microphone events section
4. Fixing problem for android 8+ devices
5. adding some new languages
6. The bugs are fixed
About Anti Spy
Don’t let anyone hack you and watch you too much.
If you always feel like someone is watching you and someone is spying on you. If you have some private moments and you want to disable your device cam or mic this app is perfect for you.
You can block your camera, block your microphone and block your location and use the app too much!
[wp_ad_camp_6] Or even spy apps to try and use your camera or microphone, you can notify. Just like that tiny light next to your laptop camera 
1. You can block your camera.
2. You can block your microphone.
3. This app will alert you when the camera is being used.
4. This app will alert you when the microphone is being used.
5. Create fake location.
6. Get alert when the camera or microphone is on and the screen is off, by notification LED.
7. You can see all apps with camera, microphone and location access and you can remove them if you think it’s spy app
This app uses the Device Administrator permission. Download this permission Link

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