Thala 57


thala 57 – unoffical fan pleaser.


Prudence: hard work never fails. Never Ever Give Up is an epic showdown of commander thala’s solo mission, you as a thala fan will have the privilege to play as your favourite hero. You are on the verge of epic battle on the snowy mountains. You must win the battle against the snow bandits who are trying to spoil your spy mission.

We have submittted this game to all Ajith kumar Fans in the world 

Features :-

* Shoot down furious snow bandits as a your favourite actor hero.

* War survival & thrilling mission.

* simplified controls – aim shoot, kill and win the battle.

* Heart pounding sound effects.

* Realistic environment and stunning 3d graphics.

Never Ever Give Up is a FREE survival and strategy game on the snowy mountains, 

where the commander thala AK is targeted by a terroist group. 

Stay alive and survive as long as you can and make sure you kill all the enemy commanders with your favourite gun #thala57 to successfully complete the game.


There is no place left for friendship, love and compassion. You can trust only yourself in this game. You are the greatest spy action master. 

Thalai Viduthalai : Vivegam venum intha spy game jaikaruthukku Download


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