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Shadow dow is a monitoring android application which is specially developed for parents. Shadow will also help you when you ask your friend for ten minutes to use your phone, but you don’t trust him or her.

So what can you do, you can simply activate SHADOW and give phone to your friend. When he / she returns your phone, you can check whether that or she did an unnecessary / inappropriate things on your phone. The SHADOW will record every key event he or she made during that time, including the most useful information such as Applications, Time They Use, Key Events and so on.

 For parents, what they can do is install this app on the kid’s phone and activate the SHADOW and then the parents can check what the things are done by the kids during that period. The things in the sense are the key events they used to be. Did they search garbage on the internet? Or did he / she texting someone the whole time he / she chose to study?


There’s a small guide in the app itself. Refer below if you face some difficulties.

 Guidelines to Users

 Install app

Activate Shadow (You will be directed to the Language and Input Settings. You need to enable SimpleIME and select it as your default input method)

Thanks .. !!  Download click here

You are good to go. You can view log file using app. And there are so many features (specially you can authenticate app by providing password which prevents the unauthorized access) .Enjoy Shadowing ….


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