Permission manager


In this post we will look at some of the most important applications that we use on our mobile phones and steal our information.

 Permission manager: 

Applications that we use daily on our mobile phones and in our daily lives occupy our most important information without our consent.

We can block this with settings on our mobile to prevent it. But you can block this with settings on your mobile. Entum.

But if you have done as we have shown in our video, this process can be very simple.

Now you can download this application on your mobile phone and then you will see information on all the apps on your mobile as seen in the video.
Then as you saw in our video what kind of application it takes, you can know in the process one by one very easily.

For example, even the most used e-commerce sites we now take our contacts with our consent do not know about it.

DOWNLOAD THIS APP  Record video secretly in background, keep using other application

Like this will happen to this corrected so that the intappativu Thus, the record saw the course this mistake, so you will not believe you any application, believe it or not, the application for which you searched, if definitely help you get a better settlement and also for you, what p We give you the feel that is sufficient to give misan parmisan.

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