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Friday, 29 November 2019

Search for photo

Hi friends this appVery easy to search for photos and images on the Internet is a tool

Images and search the web for relevant content so you can easily find a photo search tool application.

Different image sizes, a similar picture, match the wide variety of colors and you can find pictures or images.

This application uses the Google image search engine.

Photo and image search function:

 Search filters
    * Safe Search
    * Picture Time
    * Picture Size
    * Photo Mode
    * Photo color
    * Image Aspect Ratio
    * Image File Format

View and photo and image download website

Photo View mode: 
   * Finding similar photos
   * Find photos of different sizes
   * Image site browser open
   * Image Download
   * Photo sharing site links
   * Image Share

At the end of the images used in this application, the cache is automatically deleted.

This application is an easy to use Google image search engine that helps you search tool.

Photo search results will vary depending on the search engine Google Images.
If that search and found this app in the search sites will not be blocked.
Found some of the images are protected by copyright law.

Safety that appear in search results filteed by offensive content, please report down.
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