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Saturday, 7 December 2019

Photo GPS

Hi friends this app Easy to check and edit photo's POI. Long Press on Here Map, Find more function.

Long Press on Here Map, Find more function.
What's better function at that?
1. easy to find a good route (from A place to B Place)
2. click Ruler (right-bottom second button), then click the map area.You can easily get the distance. It is good to measure the distance.

Function : 
1. Fast check/edit photo's GPS information.
2. Fast check photo's camera information.
3. Navigate GPS-POI in here map.
4. When launch this application, the final selected photo will be shown. So it is quickly to index the final selected photo. It is conv

Purpose : 
1. You can copy your GPS photos to your friends, and then they can go there if they are interest.
2. Want to know where to take the picture. (Take a GPS photo when park your car, you will find your car easily.)
3. Want to know the "focal length", aperture", "ISO" value in the photo.

How to edit photo's latitude/longitude?
1. Support edit photo's latitude/longitude. (Only JPEG file can edit latitude/longitude)
(a-1) Press the small photo a long time to enable photo multi-select.
(a-2) Select photos. (up to 20 photos)
(a-3) Select option button, then tap "edit poi" button to enter edit-page.

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