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Sunday, 29 December 2019

Secret video recording

Heuys How to protect your risk from some dangerous applications In this new application, how secure is the application in this application is a complete registry application with a streamlined and intuitive user interface. Press the big red button to register; Press again to stop. You can add to the existing recordings and choose the level of grade quality from three levels iRecorder You can post videos in background mode or the phone is locked. You can also use your device's camera to record videos at a specific time.

This app is very useful for capturing videos and is a great app on the Android Market for Mobile Recorder.


Record your background when your device is locked or running another app.

Record with back or front camera.

Supports multiple languages.

Trim videos after recording them.

Ability to change application icon

Enable / Disable Preview Views.

Enable / disable shutter sounds.

Auto white balance support with many advanced options.

Integrated Google Drive Backup.

Adjust timer and record videos at a specific time, over a period of time.

Easy storage location option.

Easy to configure duration, camera and video quality.

Supports "automatic stopping" when device storage is low.

Multiple video resolutions.

How to Download

If you like, download the link below.

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