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Thursday, 26 December 2019


Hi helo friends this app Quickly open apps, shortcuts & websites, directly from your notification shade!

Quickly open your favorite apps, shortcuts, and websites from anywhere at any time, directly from your notification shade!

How is this app different to other similar apps?
Other apps do not use the real app icon in the quick settings tile.
Instead, they replace the app icon with a letter or generic image.
This app uses the real app icon for the quick settings tile, making it easier for you to identify the apps & shortcuts you want to open.

- Apps
- App shortcuts
- URLs
- Intents
- Activities (coming soon)

- Use the real app icon for the icon in the notification shade
- Choose your own icons
- Select an icon from an Icon Pack
- Use actual website icons for URL tiles
- Name the Tile whatever you want

Create a tile in the app (remember the number under the newly created tile name)
Open your quick settings panel and tap the edit button
Move the tile you just created (with the matching number) up into the active section of your quick settings panel
You can now use the tile!
If the tiles still do not show in your quick settings panel, this is because your device manufacturer has not included the functionality. This is not an issue with the app. This app link Download                   

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