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Thursday, 2 January 2020

Music downloads video

Hi friends this applicationThe problem with music downloads from the Internet has always been that the latter has made use of works protected by copyright. However, there's music that isn't subject to the latter and that's distributed under Creative Commons licenses, subject to what is know as copyleft. Their creators aren't interested in making money with these songs, and their only condition is to indicate their authorship wherever they're played.

There are search engines for songs with copyleft such as this application for Android smartphones and tablets: Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft. As you can imagine, it's a tool to download songs and albums in MP3 format with a built-in search engine so that we can get hold of free music whenever we want.

Find music free of copyright.

So why isn't it available on Google Play?
Well, because its developers went over the top and apart from allowing the download of copyright-free songs, they also allowed users to search for protected music. To be honest, considering the current prices it's almost worth creating an account on Spotify and forget about all this nonsense, since these apps are usually full of adverts.

But who knows if you're a romantic postmodernist and instead of revindicating the use of vinyl, you've decided to revindicate the MP3 format. If that's your case, go ahead... we encourage you to embark on a crusade against the music industry but under your own responsibility of course: downloading music illegally is up to you.

In any case, if you're only looking for songs with copyleft to be downloaded legally and for free, you could do with the APK of this application. You can find it by clicking on our download button.  Download.     

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