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Sunday, 2 February 2020

Free calling app

Hi friends this application Call any phone in India not sparing a penny and get caller ID

Call any phone in India not sparing a penny. You don’t need money to make a phone call. IndyCall works without credit cards, bills or balances. IndyCall also identifies unknown phone numbers for you.

Start the call
Select your contact or dial a number just like you always do.
Check out the advertisement
Wait until it ends or close it manually to proceed.
Do the talking

The call time limit is displayed when you dial. Duration of free calls is based on your location and the number you dial
You can purchase indyminutes
Indiminutes remove ads and duration limits. Each indyminute gives one minute to your call to India
Option to register your phone number
Caller ID feature can be adjusted or disabled completely at any time in the settings menu.
You can get more free minutes for Indycall in Indycall Booster!

How To Download App :: click Here

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