March 2020 -

Friday, 27 March 2020

Call record hide

March 27, 2020 0

call recorder automatic samsung galaxy S9, auto call recorder, hide apps, best phone call recorder with Caller ID function.
Automatic Call Recording has never been easier with callbox. We have added so many free features in the app making the callbox the most complete Automatic Call Recorder App for 2018. Automatic Call Recorder Hide Apps Icon Pro 2018 (callBOX) - the best Call Recorder app on Google Play Store in 2018 with beautiful and modern design in latest version. CallBOX caller ID helps you identify phone numbers in real-time while the call is happening - even the ones not in your phone book. No more number guessing or avoiding unknown callers – CallBOX caller ID prepares you for the call. You can always adjust your caller ID settings in the settings menu.
New version for 2018 is available.
All pro options are now completely free including: hide app icon, automatic Dropbox and Google drive synchronization, both side voice phone call recorder, shake to record, Call Recording 2 Ways and many more. You can also record voice files in MP3 audio format with 4 different quality levels. Application can be protected by pin code for your privacy.
Auto call recorder is your new choice for both side voice phone call recording.
Callrecording Features:
Caller id identifies unknown phone numbers
Record calls per phone number or contact name

Exclude recording per phone number or contact name
Optimized for Samsung galaxy S9 and S9 plus
Automatic Call Recording
Record your calls automatically while calling
Manual and auto call recording both side voice
Choose between high quality hd MP3 and WAV audio formats
Record incoming and Outgoing calls, Records all your phone calls
Play audio recorded conversations
Send calls to email
Set password to protect privacy.
Share files: Dropbox, Google Drive, SMS, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype
Auto Call Recorder pro for 2018 has been tested against all Samsung Galaxy Devices including Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 / S9 plus, Note 8, LG, Motorola, Sony Xperia c3 c5, HTC, Huawei, oppo mobile and jio 4g voice.


Reords all Incoming and Outgoing voice calls during callAutomatic Call Recording 2 WaysRecord Incoming and record outgoing calls
Records all your phone calls
Play recorded audio
We have been working hard to protect your privacy. From now on you can hide app icon so no one knows that you have callbox installed on your device. Pin Code protection provides additional level of security to prevent unauthorized application access.
Thank you for using Call Recorder - Automatic Call Recorder

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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Remove Unwanted Objects In Image Useful Editor

March 25, 2020 0

Hi Guys Now We Are Share In this App remove unwanted background image on one click Learn how to auto-Remove Objects from your images in no time! Remove Objects is a clever app that lets you remove unwanted content from your photos using just the tip of your finger. You simply brush over the objects you want to remove so that they are selected in red, then tap Start and watch while they magically disappear!
You can use Selection tools to select and then automatically remove unwanted details from the photo. Or you can use the Clone tool to manually copy detail from one part of the frame to another
Feature of Remove Objects
Removing Objects with Content-Aware Fill and Patch i
Photo editor remove object
Remove object of any photo
Remove objects from picture
Object eraser on phot
Photo object erase
Remove people from phot
Eraser tool for photo
Delete objects in phot
Remove objects from vide
Removal element in photoRemove objects by just marking the
Innovative line remova
Flick over a piece of a line to remove it whol

One touch editing Downloa
Remove blemishes with a single touc
Removing Objects with Content-Aware Fill and Patch i
Removing unwanted object
Select Line Remove
To remove a whole line, mark only a part of i
Select segment remover, and with it, mark a whole segment to remove i
Removing small objects quickl
Select quick brus
Start drawing over an objects. The moment you stop drawing, the object will disappea
Removing Blemishe
Drag the source pointer to the location to take a pattern fro
Start brushing with your finger where you want the cloned content to appea
Use Eraser to remove the object or area that has just been clonedrmsrhyttrsnhdelmoosorosssn:.ment in photo

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Sunday, 22 March 2020

Best Live chatting app

March 22, 2020 0

Interact with the most desirable people around you!

Over 100 million interesting men and women signed up on Tantan, chatting, making new friends, and finding their perfect match! Tantan is the most exciting way of meeting new people and expanding your social circle.

Receive profiles of desirable folks around you and send likes to the ones you want to connect with.

If they like you back, that makes it a match!

😍 Make new friends!
View photos and check out everyone's interests to decide who deserves a like! Access to an exciting collection of people looking to make new friends without any fear of rejection.

💖 It’s a match!
Once you match with people, chat using texts, voice messages, pictures and videos. Know your matches better by following their life moments.

🚫 No creeps allowed!
Interact only with the people you match with and never receive messages from random people you didn’t like.

😉 Assured Privacy
Your social life is private; we get it. You will not be seen on Tantan by people you already know, just share the contact list with us.

Download App Click here
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Saturday, 21 March 2020


March 21, 2020 0

Hi friends This app Free unique super fancy themes, cool fonts, emoticons and custom skins.


New fancy keyboard themes every other day. Among our most popular designs you will find: fire lion keyboard, flames burning keyboard, cheetah keyboard, true love keyboard, clownfish keyboard, water wave keyboard, storm keyboard, rain keyboard and a lot other cute & cool themes.


The only keyboard that perfectly combines a high quality auto-correction algorithm with astonishing animated graphics.

Wave Keyboard brings you the next level in keyboard personalization. It's the first custom android keyboard that supports animated themes. If you truly want an amazing looking keyboard, that will make your device unique, install it now.

It is the perfect mix between amazing animations, smart auto-correction, 800+ emojis, custom fonts and sounds, cool font effects and more than 20 languages and local keyboard layouts. All these will definitely bring you a personal and unique feel.

Our keyboard themes have been designed with the highest attention to detail for the best user experience.


Wave keyboard is the first custom android keyboard to bring you the coolest looking themes that combine stunning graphics with beautiful animations.


For truly personal conversations we have more than 800 emojis that are compatible with more than 90% of android devices.


Our autocorrection algorithm helps you type fast and accurately without a lot of practice.


The personal experience can’t be complete without custom fonts and sounds. Each theme comes with it’s own font and sounds, but you can edit them any time.


Create your own themes to have the BEST custom keyboard. Change the keyboard background with your own photos / videos, switch between dynamic effects and different colors of keypads.


Personalize even further any theme with cool font effects like bold, italic, inner shadow, drop shadow or outer glow.


Our GIF collection is supported by Giphy. Send cool gifs to your friends & family while enjoying the keyboard animation.

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Friday, 20 March 2020

Auto click

March 20, 2020 0

Hi friends this applicationThe best tool about auto clicker. Help you automate repeated taps.

Auto Clicker helps you do repeated taps at any location with any interval you specify.
Auto Clicker does NOT require root access.
Have a floating control panel to start/stop the automatic tap.
It is great for click games.

 The friendly user interface, easy to use
Support multiple click points, multiple swipes
Have a global timer to run for a certain amount of time
Can Import/Export automatic scripts

Only support Android 7.0 and up.
Require Accessibility service to work.

Download App Click here
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Thursday, 19 March 2020

Ares Launcher-Different style Android launcher

March 19, 2020 0

Hi  your phone with live themes , multiple apps in one app and more

Warrior Chooses Ares Launcher

From the makers of Arc & Alpha Launcher , now ARES LAUNCHER

This 2020 install ARES Launcher , it could be your final destination after you use for a day , you get multiple features in one app which saves time , memory and makes you smart by using 2020 smart features.

No useless screens ,annoying animations , time waste tutorials , we only make what you would like and saves your time & effort to call your friends or family , to look for contact , to see who called you , to search any apps within micro seconds , get installed app lists in various combinations like installed date first or by name
,change app icon , see notifications , we are working on dialer advance features which will be introduced very soon.

Inbuilt Feature highlights:
1.Boost memory
2.Clean Ram
3.Multiple Languages
4.Lock Apps
5.Hide Apps
6.Watch News Updates
7.iEasy Smart Ares Dialer
8.Inbuilt Messenger(coming soon)
9.Notification badges
10.Smart Search Powered by AI(artificial intelligence) Technology - it saves time
11.iVoice Smart Assistant - performs auto operations Example -makes and apply theme using AI algorithms
12.Weather Notifications
13.iSmart Categories(powered by AI Technology)
14.Smart Torch
15.iControl Smart Center 11 Pro- to make your everyday go smooth(optional app)
16.iEasy Music Player - plays music of other music players
17.System Widget Support
18.All apps page with sorting like install date , app name .alphabetical , grid and more
19.iCustomization - change wallpaper , fonts , animations ,change theme , light & dark theme , change icon packs and lot more to customize
20.Double tap to lock screen
21.Full screen Mode
22.Prime Version with no Ads available

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Wednesday, 18 March 2020

USB Lockit

March 18, 2020 0

Hi friends this application Password Lock USB Drive
Protects the USB drive with your photos, audios, videos and other files from prying eyes on Android & Windows. Once the drive is locked, nobody can access your files.

All in 3 Easy Steps:

1. To lock the USB drive and protects all your files, simply set a PIN and click on LOCK button.
2. To unlock the USB drive and access to all your files, enter your PIN and click on UNLOCK button.
3. To relock the USB drive without entering the PIN every time, just a click on the LOCK button.

When the USB drive is locked, your files remain safe in all Operating Systems.

Works with all USB flash drives and external hard drives formatted in FAT32.

Available for Android & Windows PC.

Supported language: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese.

Download App Click here
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Sunday, 15 March 2020

Log Dog

March 15, 2020 0

This 1 App to Prevent Identity Theft & Protect Your Online Accounts for Android

Over 40,000 people experience an online identity theft every day! How do YOU ensure the best online security for your internet accounts and protect private data against hackers? LogDog is like an antivirus that will protect you from online hackers and the effects of malicious spyware.

If you store private information on your Gmail, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter or Evernote accounts, you need to be 100% sure that your privacy is protected against spyware and hacking and that your internet security is maintained.

If a hacker breaks into your online accounts, how would you know?
LogDog is a mobile Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for your online accounts. LogDog is an internet security service that sends you an immediate security alert when any suspicious activity is detected in your accounts. Once notified, you can take action and protect your internet privacy immediately by changing your login and/or passwords. Intrusion prevention and identity security is as easy as 1 2 3 – and it’s 100% free!

Log Dog protects you from being a victim of hackers & spyware! Secure your email against hacks into Gmail and Yahoo, prevent hackers from entering your Dropbox and Evernote accounts and protect your Facebook and Twitter profiles and keep your identity from being stolen - your privacy is our priority!

LogDog now works with multiple email accounts!

How does it work?
LogDog continuously scans and monitors your accounts’ login location and times, number of messages and various other parameters. If our IDS detects anything unusual, such as an attempted identity theft or an intrusion into your private account, it immediately alerts you so you can prevent or stop the hack. LogDog is your virtual guard dog, constantly sniffing your accounts and barking when it smells suspicious activity!

Passwords Security and Credit Card Protection
Did you ever send a password or your credit card information via email? If so, even if you use strong passwords, they are not safe! Even more so if you use one password for several accounts. New! - “LogDog Inbox Detective” - LogDog can now scan your emails and find all the threats that contain passwords, SSN and bank accounts information, phishing links and other potentially malicious data . Once those messages are found, LogDog can help you delete those emails and notify the other party to do same and protect herself from this credit card information breach or password security hazard. LogDog can scan through your Gmail account,
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Mobile Tricks and tips

March 15, 2020 0
Hai friends this application mobile hack
Mobile Hacking Hack Tricks and Tips

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Smart Video

March 15, 2020 0
Smart Video/Audio/Pictures Recorder.

Smart Video/Audio/Pictures Recorder.
Start OR Stop Recording even when your phone is LOCKED.
Press Power button OR Shake OR Wave to your Phone to Start OR Stop recording.
HD Videos, HD Pictures and best quality Audio recordings.

Smart Media Recorder General Features:
• Shake your Phone to Start or Stop recording
• Press Power button to Start or Stop recording
• Wave at your Phone to Start or Stop recording
• One Touch Record Icon for recording start and stop
• Tap on Notification icon to Stop recording
• Shutter mute mode
• Space left check
• Battery Level check
• Notification message control
• Disable Notification icon so there is no screen indication that video is recording
• Very few permissions needed so privacy is
• Talk on the phone while video recording continues in background
• Turn screen off and continue recording (on supported devices only). Saves battery and allows long recordings

Smart Media Recorder Video Features:
• Full HD video (1920x1080) recording
• Supports front and back camera
• Recording duration on FREE version is restricted to 10 secs and 30 secs.
• Flash light mode selection

Smart Camera Pictures Features:
• Supports front and back camera
• High quality pictures
• Picture taking delay on FREE version is restricted to 1, 2 and 5 sec(s).
• Flash light mode selection

Smart Audio Recorder Features:
• Recording duration on FREE version is restricted to 10 secs and 30 secs.
• High quality compression ratio with mp3
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Flash keyboard

March 15, 2020 0

Keylogger for Android, no root access required

Safeguard your children or monitor family members activities browsing on internet 

Flash Keylogger records keystrokes using a custom keyboard and accessibility service.

This keylogger uses a custom keyboard and accessibility service which increases the accuracy of recording keystrokes. This app can work without changing the phone's keyboard.

Flash Keylogger uses Internet permission to display ads. For writing keystrokes, no read, write permissions are required. 

With the help of this app, you can monitor texts typed by your children or employees. It's a great app for parents who want to monitor their children browsing on the Internet.

⭐ Custom Keyboard
⭐ Keylogger
⭐ Neat UI
⭐ Hide app
⭐ Easy to use
⭐ No root access required
The best part of Flash Keylogger is you can easily hide the app by changing the app icon.
Download App Click here
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Backup contacts

March 15, 2020 0

Hi friends You can backup your contacts to pdf , vcf and text file in an instant !!!

This app is simply made for three tasks-

1. saving contacts to pdf file -
You can print the pdf to create a classic Phonebook. The pdf is well organised and fluently handles multiple contacts.

2. saving contacts to vcf file -
Create a backup of your precious contacts to a vcf file.Opening this file on any android device restores your contacts.This feature helps if you want to - switch to a new phone and want all your contacts on that phone in an instant.

3. saving contacts to text file -
Nothing special . simply saves contacts to text file.

You can share all three types of files via email, shareit, whatsapp or any other sharing apps.No money ..completely free. Very fast.. saves your time.

Note: this app is for saving names and numbers only.

Download App Click here
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Saturday, 14 March 2020

Touch Screen Lock App For Android

March 14, 2020 0

Hi friends this application Now I will Share in new App Touch Lock is a popular app downloaded over 3 million times. Commuters, students, parents and the elderly or any person who has finger trembling disability would find it useful because it allows them to enjoy their device's display without interruption by preventing unintended operations on the touch screen and buttons.

Call Protect - Prevent accidental hang up calls by face touching. Also prevent pocket answering and dialing cal
lock the screen displa
lock virtual or physical keys including home page keys, return keys, volume keys and most recently used app key

keeps screen
unlock screen by tapping overlayed ico
(new feature) unlock the screen with device fingerprint reade
wide variety of devices supported
hidden or show the unlock scree
prevent face touching during call
prevent pocket answering or ignoring callsSafe and stable calls preventing accidental disconnects
QR Code's strongest assistant tool: whether you're boarding a plane or taking the subway, it takes only a second to scan your electronic ticket
A good help for cooking. The app keeps the
screen on so you can read the recip
Take great underwater video. The app prevents interference from water touching the screen No interruption to your navigation: you can open a map and put it in your pocke
You won't have to worry about your screen going to sleep automatically when you're copying texts or displaying content on your phon

A marvelous gadget screen freezer for mobile games: no more accidental stopping or exiting due to the touching of screens and butto
Isolated lock-up of physical or virtual keys: whether you're looking through your photo album or playing a game, you can retain easy contro
Enjoy a one-handed cinema: you can walk about while watching your favorite TV series without being interrupte
It takes one second to transform into a drawing board: a good tool to help you develop your drawing skill
Lock the screen and use your mobile phone as a marquee or fluorescent stick in a music concer
Drive with a locked screen and make your driving calls
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Best video editing app

March 14, 2020 0

Quik is the fastest, easiest way to create awesome videos — and 100% Free! 🎉

With the Quik app, you can create awesome videos with just a few taps. Choose your favorite photos and video clips then let Quik work its magic. In seconds, it finds great moments, adds beautiful transitions and effects, and syncs everything to the beat of the music. Customize your story with text, music and easily share it with friends. Editing has never been this fast—or this fun.

--- Key Features ---

+ Add up to 75 photos and video clips from your Gallery, Albums, Google Photos, Dropbox, GoPro Plus or GoPro Quik Key. Quik even works with Motion Photos.
+ Quik gets data from your GoPro footage (smile [1], faces [2], voices, cheering, speed, jumps, water, panoramic and steady footage [3]) and analyzes your videos to select great moments. It detects faces and colors to frame each photo perfectly. Adjust the layout or interest point manually.
+ Want to select your own moments? Use HiLights to tag the best footage.

Choose from 23 themes, each with transitions and graphics designed for any occasion.
Adjust the font, filters and graphics to fit your style.

Easily reorder, trim and rotate photos and video clips.
Personalize your story with text overlays and title slides. You can even add emojis :)
Let Quik do its magic with Smart Cuts or use full video clips.
Speed up footage or play it in Slo-Mo.
Add GPS Stickers to show how fast you were going. [4]
Quik automatically turns on the audio when it detects voices.
Choose cinema, square or portrait formatting for easy sharing on Instagram or Snapchat.
+ Set a duration for photos and titles - Quik adjusts the cuts and transitions automatically.

Choose from more than 100 free songs or use a song from your own collection. Quik supports MP3, M4A, MP4, MOV, AAC, FLAC, AIFF and WAV.
Start your soundtrack at any point in the song.
Quik automatically syncs transitions to the beat of the music.

Save videos in gorgeous HD 1080p or 720peven in buttery-smooth 60 fps.
Share to Instagram, Facebook and more, or send a private Quik link via text or email.
With GoPro Plus, your shared videos are saved as Shared Links in your Plus account. [5]
Need more time to edit? Save projects as drafts and Quik will keep them for 7 days.

Relive the day with Flashbacks 24H—ready-to-watch videos of your adventures created from your last 24 hours of footage.

Quik works with the GoPro App to bring you QuikStories—awesome videos made automatically with media shot within the last 72 hours. [6]
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Friday, 13 March 2020


March 13, 2020 0

Designed with your digital wellbeing in mind. Combat the overwhelming clutter of your home screen and give your attention span a break with the minimalist interface of Sentien Launcher. Cut down on the compulsion to check your phone by searching for the app you want and customizing your notifications.

• minimalist interface
• smart search
• offline voice commands
• in-app calculations
• battery saver
• 100% private


The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your user interface. Dwell on the beauty of Android Launcher. Use Sentien.”

Marcus "Gus" Aurelius (Roman Emperor)

Visit our Sentien Launcher page to see more details.
Based on amazing KISS Launcher

Download App Click Here
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hair trimmer

March 13, 2020 0

Prak your friends with this awesome and funny razor / hair trimmer joke app!

Use this app to mimic a hair trimmer / clipper / razor with your smartphone now and trick your family and friends!
This is a very realistic app, perfect for jokes and entertaining children simulating a real hair trimmer, clipper or shaver.


High quality sounds that change when moving the device near someone's head.(Recorded from a real hair trimmer)
- Vibration to imitate a real clipper .
- Proximity sensor for a more realistic experience .

How to use it:

1) Turn on the hair trimmer by tapping on it , it will start to vibrate and make noise (if it doesn't sound , try turning up the volume of the device) .
2)Get the device screen close to the head of the victim and the sound will change, creating the illusion that you are actually cutting hair .
3) When you want to stop the hair trimmer , just touch the screen again and the haircut will be over (The image of the clipper will change to show you that now it's off).

Whether you want to play a prank on your friends or if you just want to have a good time , Real Hair Trimmer will provide you loads of fun and a whole new experience using the newest features of your device..

This app is so real that you might get bald!

This application will be updated on a regular basis to bring users the most realistic and satisfying experience possible.

Any questions or suggestions will be answered as soon as possible.

Download App Click here
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Car info

March 13, 2020 0

Car info Challan, Licence, Vehicle Owner Details

CarInfo is a one-stop solution and a must-have app for most of your automobile-based needs.

Vehicle Owner Details
How to find vehicle owner information? Just enter vehicle number to get over a dozen vehicle registration details including real owner name, age, registration date, insurance expiry, etc.

Challan Details
Get details of challans issued to any vehicle or driver just by using a vehicle (RC) or license number. Details include challan number, date of issue and payment status.

Profile Management
Download all your RC and licenses in your profile for quick access to all the details in case of urgency. You can also login to synchronize your searches in all of your devices.

Resale Value Calculator
Did you know a vehicle value falls nearly 20% of its initial value in the first year? Check the right market price for your used car or bike using our all-new resale value calculator. It takes in various parameters like make and mileage to give you a fair price for your car.

Fuel Price
Get daily updated prices of petrol and diesel from all cities of India. Petrol and Diesel prices are revised every day to ensure even a minute’s variation in global oil prices can be transmitted to fuel users.

Driving Licence Search
Use a driving license number to quickly get the license holder's name, age, validity, status and much more.

Features and Specs
Up to date features and specifications (such as mileage, seating capacity, transmission type, etc.) of cars of over 1000 varients of over 20 brands.

News and Stories
Get the latest vehicle launches, tips to save money on car or bike insurance, RTO regulations and other news right into the app.

Disclaimer: We are not related to any RTO authority of India. All details shown in the app about vehicle owners are publicly available on the Parivahan website. We are only acting as a platform to make this information available to users easily via th

Download app Click here
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4D wallpaper

March 13, 2020 0

hi friends this applicationThe best free live wallpapers with 4D depth effect can feel real 4D backgrounds

The Coolest AMOLED 4D Backgrounds HD & gyroscopic animated Live Wallpapers to bring you the amazing 3D depth effect. - It’s on 4D Live Wallpaper.


Totally Free!
An endless selection of free backgrounds
High-quality wallpaper for all categories(Fancy a dark dope stylish, or maybe a superhero poster? You’ve got it!)
Battery efficient!
4D depth effect like real.
Supports full HD and 4K live wallpapers
Supports stylish video effects as background
Set a new background without leaving the app

From trendy geometrics to Various super cool technical 3D&4D effects, even combining various functions of the phone, live wallpapers is experiencing a bona fide renaissance in the design world.

If you are a technical addict:
4D Live Wallpaper have a totally new approach of making 3D parallax wallpapers with real 4D depth effect! Choose and apply a amazing wallpapers, and tilt your device to witness the stunning 4D depth effect controlled by your device's motion sensors (gyroscope or accelerometer).

If you have style on personality:
You will have endless selection every day. Dope 4d wallpapers, 3D superhero, space HD wallpaper, black neon style, flaming skull animated Wallpapers and so on!

If you are determined to be a delicate girl:
Puppy Wallpapers are so cute! Rose Gold is so charming~marble stylish simple and gentle, kawaii Unicorn is dreamy style, glitter wallpapers and sparkly is a favorite of princesses! Top anime wallpaper is also essential!

Download App :: Click here
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Sunday, 8 March 2020

Force stop apps

March 08, 2020 0

Hi friends this applicationOne click to stop all running apps and speed up your phone!

Usually our phones run many apps in the background. Sometimes we don't need them running because we hate those annoying notifications. Not only will this APP help you stop them and make your phone faster and more power-efficient!

This APP stops other apps at the process level, so it can kill the task.

The phone runs faster because it stops many useless processes.

Reducing APP runs can also save power.

Stopping the useless apps can also reduce CPU usage and cool it down.

Permissions & Privacy
This app uses Accessibility services. When you use it, you may receive privacy warnings, this is a standard procedure on all Android OS when enabling Accessibility Services.
This app will NOT collect any personal data.
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Saturday, 7 March 2020

Torrent villa

March 07, 2020 0

Hi friends this application Torrent Client which focuses on Quality

Torrentvilla lite is the best tool to search and download torrents every time you want, directly from your device! With multiple search providers, combining top search sources!

You may have tried apps that suddenly stopped working just because search provider went offline, changed website address or apps search results are taking time. This situation will never happens with our app because we keep an eye on everything.

If the any search provider will be unavailable or offline, our app will automatically switch it with a different one until the default one become available again. As long as you have internet connection you will be always able to search and download torrents.


* Torrent with the best health and seeds will always been shown at the top
* Find Almost Any Free Content Using Torrentvilla Lite
* It will Give You Best Performance In Comparison To The Other Apps

Download App click here
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Friday, 6 March 2020

Control Others Mobile in your Mobile

March 06, 2020 0

Hi friends today we are share in new app Hack Others mobile Tamil .Do you doubt your child or employee is doing something sexting or using time-wasting apps ? If yes,This is the application which is you are searching for a while.ZEAL SPY lets you monitor ALL the activities of any smartphone. The application is super easy to install on any smartphone you want to monitor it.
When Android phone got stolen/lost, you can even delete files in the phone by sending "DELETE ALL" as SMS to your mobile number.
Download You have to store your family/friends mobile numbers in the app and the SMS can be sent to those mobile numbers. The SMS contains the IMEI number of the mobile and service provider details of the SIM. The security enhanced by
prompting password to open the Main goal of developing ZEAL SPY was to provide an easy to use monitoring service to the parents, brothers, sons, husbands or better say, everyone to take care of their loved ones & protect theGet all information from your childs mobile phone online. Protect children from dangerous situations they may get into by preventing them thanks to our app. Install the app on the target phone and notify the phone owner. Use our surveillance app for legal purposes only. Click on the center button, and you can hear the world around you. Use it to observe your surroundings and monitor what is going on.
Whether you want to listen to nature, have a conversation, or just hear the TV better, Ear Agent aims to give you super hearing and improve what you hear. There's more going on around you than you might realize. It's time to hear it.
You can get and receive all messages, view contact list and incoming and outgoing calls information, and detect phone location.To get answers to all these questions use our apk. Our program can tell you all this and much more data if you are a good listener.m.
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Split Video

March 06, 2020 0

Best Split Video Photo Maker,Clone yourself with Awesome Filters &Mirror Effects

Want to really impress your Instagram followers? Use Split Lens to produce interesting photos like Cloning Yourself, Swaps all the faces in your photos, Make you float in the Air, Finger Fire, Face Bomb,Swapping Your Body Parts, make Your Own Ghost or Capture a series of photos to tell a story!
Split Lens enables you to produce easy and perfect incredible photo on your iPhone. The quality of the results of Split Lens overwhelm other app’s outcome.

How it works? 
∆ First select 1 of 42 layouts. Adjust the split bars to where you want them.

∆ Snap your pic! Take your first photo. After snapping the first photo on the first side of the screen, the another side of the screen now becomes active.

∆ You can also add images from your library.

∆ Adjust and Blend your images. Use the Split bars! To move and blend the image, zoom in or out.

∆ Apply a variety of high-quality filters,Split Lens provides 115 amazing filters and FX to get your Split Pic looking fly.

∆ Save your masterpiece to your album or share it with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, & Email.

Download App:: Click Here
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Tuesday, 3 March 2020

How to Receive sms Online For Free App In Android

March 03, 2020 0

Hi friends Today we are share in This Post receive free sms online with no register unlimited. You can receive sms verificarion, email verificarion and much more We receive SMS from all over the world to our phone numbers in USA and Canada. Our virtual phone numbers allow you to verify and register for various websites, absolutely free. Verify Facebook, Twitter, Google, and many more. The phone numbers are disposable and all messages are discarded after 2 days.Provided virtual phone numbers are refreshed with new ones every month. All our numbers can receive messages globally even if the sender is in a different country. Best of all, the service will always remain minimal and free. If you require free online service in a country not currently being listed, please check back later as we continuously add new locations and numbers.

We strive to receive SMS online for free and make a promise to keep it operational without charging money for receiving SMS. Send as many messages as you like to activate accounts that otherwise require personal information to verify. There are no limits on how often or how many SMS can be sent to the virtual numbers. If you have found our SMS service useful, please consider sharing it using the social buttons at the bottom of the page.

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To see the SMS message received, click on phone number where you send the SMS message;
The phone numbers on this application do not charge more than a normal SMS and no hidden fees;ies.
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Monday, 2 March 2020

Hotstor prime8.9.6.726 Mod (Premium+VIP+Sports)

March 02, 2020 0

Hotstor prime8.9.6.726 Mod (Premium+VIP+Sports)

Mod Info
Premium + VIP + Live + Sport
Auto Login Needed
No Update Popups
Blackscreen Removed
Ads removed / disabled
Unnecessary permissions removed
Location, Camera, Phone read permissions removed
Optimized using the zipalign method.
Virus free  Tested by QuickHeal, ESET security, Malwarebytes apps)

First uninstall any previous versions
Watch the latest and best of Live Sports, TV and Movies in multiple languages.

Hotstar is a live streaming app that lets you watch your favorite TV shows, movies, sports & live news on-the-go.

Hotstar is India’s largest premium streaming platform with more than 100,000 hours of drama & movies in 17 languages, & coverage of every major global sporting event.

Launched in 2015, it is one of India’s most downloaded apps & has attracted more than 350 million downloads on the back of a highly evolved video streaming technology & high attention to quality of experience across devices.

Hotstar comes with two unique subscription packages, Hotstar VIP and Hotstar Premium. Hotstar VIP gives you unrestricted access to live sporting events including the VIVO IPL cricket matches, Premier League, Formula 1 and Tennis. You also get access to Star serials before they premiere on TV, and Hotstar Specials, i.e. critically acclaimed, original content. The Hotstar Premium plan includes all the aforementioned perks, in addition to Latest American TV shows and blockbuster Hollywood movies.

In order to provide you the best experience and most relevant content, we will collect location data and data of other apps installed on this device to offer personalized recommendations and for targeted advertisements
Please note that Hotstar content varies country wise.

A. For Sports Enthusiasts:
ICC Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2019 now streaming live
Get live scores for all the World Cup 2019 matches along with schedule, highlights and points table.
Live Cricket(IPL/International), Live Tennis Grand Slams, Football, Formula 1 racing, Hockey, Badminton, Tennis, Table-tennis, Kabaddi.
For cricket fans who need constant updates of cricket scores, our app is loaded with latest cricketing action with live cricket streaming and the fastest scorecard.
For the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, Watch N Play is back with exciting new features:
The Social Feed , where you can share opinions about the match and invite your friends and family to do the same and,
The Leaderboard, where you can check your rank both nationally and amongst your friends and family.
You can also watch cricket match replays and highlights from any recently concluded match. Be it live cricket scores of ICC Cricket World Cup matches, or cricket scores of ODIs, or Test-match cricket scores, remain updated always.
We also feature live sports like Premier League (PL), Indian Super League (ISL), Pro Kabaddi League
Screen shot

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U Launcher

March 02, 2020 0

Free android themes & 4D Live wallpaper, Hide apps , 2019 Best Launcher

Try U Launcher Lite 2019 New Version,it makes your phone Faster,Robust,Easy to use with HD Themes and Wallpapers.You will love it!

The 3D Launcher 2019 New Version is a fast and lightweight launcher app designed especially for Android phones. Our latest fashion 4D wallpaper will definitely make your phone screen look new. High performance and gorgeous design will give you best 4D effects interface and personalized 4K HD wallpapers &Themes for new style.

U Launcher lite is one of the most popular launcher apps for android in 2018 with 4.7 high rating on google play! This launcher app is compatible with all of your devices.

Key Features:
✔️ 3D Launcher themes for Android free
✔️ 4k HD Live Wallpapers & 4D animation interface
✔️ Hide apps & Fast search
✔ Funny emoji, GIFs ,Love Stickers& Smiley faces
✔️ Speed booster & One-click cleaning
✔️ smart management
✔️ Customized Home screen

New Features:
★10000+ HD wallpapers,4D& live wallpapers& icon packs
★5000+ Stylish Android Phone Launcher themes for android free
★Dayly Update cool launcher 2019 themes
★Convenient widget Make your phone smarter to use such as calendar, the weather,flashlight,Calculator,game Center ,Hide apps ect.

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Net Optimizer

March 02, 2020 0
Find & Connect fastest DNS Server automatically, improve your net connection

What is the benefit of Net Optimizer?
Find & Connect the fastest DNS server based on your location & network.
Improve web surfing speed with faster response time.
Fix lag and reduce latency (ping time) on online games for better gaming experience.

-Just one touch to find & connect fastest DNS server to boost your connection.
-Automatically detect connection changes and optimize the network.
-Scan manually all DNS servers with one touch to see all details yourself.
-Works for both mobile data (3G/4G/5G) and WiFi connection
-Supports many different DNS Servers (Cloudflare, Level3, Verisign, Google, DNS Watch, Comodo Secure, OpenDNS, SafeDNS, OpenNIC, SmartViper, Dyn, FreeDNS, Alternate DNS, Yandex DNS, UncensoredDNS, puntCAT and more)

How it works?
If you have a high-speed Internet connection but notice that your web browsing speed isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, then your problem may lie in the DNS. By optimizing your device's DNS records, you can find the fastest routes for your data packets to take when traveling the Internet. It won’t boost to your download/upload speed, but in some cases it can result in quite a noticeable improvement in web browsing time.

At times, you may experience slow hiccups while trying to use the internet from your device. Sometimes, these problems can be attributed to your provider's DNS settings because your ISP may not always have the best DNS server speeds.

Your default DNS server directly affects how fast you’ll be able to connect to a website. So choosing the fastest server according to your location will help speed up browsing.

With Net Optimizer, you can find the fastest DNS server and connect to it with just one touch!
So your browsing speed and gaming experience (ping and latency) can be improved. (But you should remember that DNS settings will not affect your internet download / upload speed but response time)

Test results showed a 132.1 percent improvement from using Google's DNS servers over using the stock DNS servers, but in real world usage, it might not be exactly that much faster. Still, this one tweak might get you finally feeling like you have a blazing connection to the internet!
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Sunday, 1 March 2020

Net Guard

March 01, 2020 0

A simple way to block access to the internet per application

NetGuard provides simple and advanced ways to block access to the internet - no root required.

Applications and addresses can individually be allowed or denied access to your Wi-Fi and/or mobile connection.

Blocking access to the internet can help:

• reduce your data usage
• save your battery
• increase your privacy


• Simple to use
• No root required
• 100% open source
• No calling home
• No tracking or analytics
• No advertisements
• Actively developed and supported
• Android 5.1 and later supported
• IPv4/IPv6 TCP/UDP supported
• Tethering supported
• Optionally allow when screen on
• Optionally block when roaming
• Optionally block system applications
• Optionally notify when an application accesses the internet
• Optionally record network usage per application per address
• Material design theme with light and dark theme

PRO features

• Log all outgoing traffic; search and filter access attempts; export PCAP files to analyze traffic
• Allow/block individual addresses per application
• New application notifications; configure NetGuard directly from the notification
• Display network speed graph in a status bar notification
• Select from five additional themes in both light and dark version

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