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Saturday, 25 April 2020

Rembo chat

Rembo to Set Reminders Rembo will Call to Remind you!

Rembo is a Reminder Ninja whose true purpose is to remember things and help people stay on top of their tasks. His sharp mind, unyielding discipline and rigorous training has made him an elite ninja that never forgets, the one who remembers and reminds. He’s a mentor, he’s a friend and he’s here to help you plan your day better to GET THINGS DONE!

With just a simple chat message you can stay organized and set alarms, reminders, medicine and even exercise notifications. Rembo is an AI digital assistant that is a To-do reminder with alarm and notification that will personally call you at the designated time so that you too can become a task ninja and never forget a thing. He is also very funny and is always up for sharing jokes and motivational quotes.

What Rembo chatbot does?
Sets up an alarm and calls you to wake you on time
Sets up your reminders for daily work
Organizes your To do list to manage your calendar
Helps you stay fit by reminding you to drink water and exercise on time
Remembers those important birthdays
Makes sure you don’t miss your important meetings and calls
Helps you stock and consume medicines on time
Strives hard to keep tasks in order using a call to remind feature
Tells you jokes and motivational quotes to keep you smiling

For the first time ever you can set reminders for daily use with a simple, easy-to-use chat-bot.

Please note that Rembo is available in English only.
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