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Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Secure data backup

Helo backup, encrypt and secure your phone data

Secure Data backups & encrypts text messages, phone calls, photo, messages and recording to the cloud which you can access from everywhere just from web browser.

Secure Data's features:
Text messages
Call logs
Browser bookmark
Find phone...

Track a Phone app from iLocateMobile can only be used with consent of your family members. Using this free locate mobile app you can find family members and know their location real time. You can track phone of your family only when they have this app installed on their mobile phone. You cannot track any phone without their consent.

MAIN FEATURES of Track Cell Phone - Family Locator App

• Find family cell phone location on a private map, without calling them
• Know real time location or last 3 days location history. Premium users can view 30 days location history using this teléfono celular
• Locate cellphone of android 5.0 and up to android 9.0
• Receive notifications when family member enters or leaves a place like home, school, neighborhood and other areas. This is latest feature added in ilocatemobile’s track phone app for the safety of all family members.
• One-way cell phone location. Doesn’t create a circle or loop. You can’t locate anyone without their consent
• Send a push notification when family phones battery life is low
• SOS Panic button allows your family to send emergency alerts when they need help
• Family cell phone tracker works even when mobile has no internet connection

How does iLocateMobile’s Track a Phone - Family GPS Locator app work?

Follow these 4 simple steps and start locating family search from any phone -

1) Install Track Phone - Family GPS Locator on your android phone
2) Add the mobile phone number of the family you want to track. An Invitation code is generated. Note it down
3) Install our app on family cell phone which you want to locate and select option “I have an Invitation code”
4) Enter the invitation code in family mobile phone. Panic button to send sos alert to family.
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That’s it. Now you can start locating family mobile phone from your own mobile phone without any hassles. Remember family has an option to stop being located any time from within their app.

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